Meatless Monday has come to Vancouver!

For Immediate Release: May 13, 2013

Vancouver to Proclaim June 10, 2013 Meatless Monday

Vancouver is scheduled to become the first Canadian city to endorse Meatless Monday, the growing movement that encourages citizens to eat less meat for the environment and health.  Following a request from the Vancouver Food Policy Council, Mayor Gregor Robertson will sign a Proclamation declaring June 10, 2013 Meatless Monday.  On that day people will be urged to go meatless.

“It’s a great start, and an excellent way to bring attention to the environmental and other benefits of being more careful about our meat consumption, ” said Trish Kelly, co-chair of the Food Policy Council.  It’s all part of making our food systems sustainable, she said.

The initiative fits with Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan, according to the Proclamation, and with environmental goals laid out in the city’s recently-released Food Strategy.  That’s because scientific research increasingly demonstrates that large-scale intensive meat production uses disproportionate amounts of land, water, and feed, adds markedly to climate change, and is a factor in water pollution and food contamination, according to

“While livestock can be good for environments and meat can be good for health,” says Vancouver’s Proclamation, “excessive amounts can harm ecosystems.”

The Proclamation adds that programs and policies such as Meatless Monday have educated global citizens to moderate their intake of animal-source foods and choose meat, dairy and seafood that have been produced sustainably.

A wartime conservation strategy, Meatless Monday was revived a decade ago as a way of recommending that people cut back on meat for ecology, health, and animal welfare.  Meatless Monday has been endorsed by U.S. cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, DC, by hundreds of school districts and universities in the U.S., and by organizations and food professionals around the world, as listed on

Organizers of Meatless Monday in Vancouver say the event has widespread support, and will be celebrated with media and community events. Accomplished local chef Andrea Carlson will host a press conference at her recently-opened Main Street restaurant Burdock and Co. A facebook page has been created for the day so that individuals and groups can post how they plan to celebrate Meatless Monday, and find out how to take part.


Contacts for interviews:  

Trish Kelly, co-chair, Vancouver Food Policy Council:; 604.879.1386;  Eleanor Boyle, Author: High Steaks: Why and How to Eat Less Meat:; 604 – 230-2561;  Dave Steele, President, Earthsave Canada: 604-454-1919

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